Monday, July 27, 2009

Madonna Renames Tour: "Sinuey and Veiny"

What is THAT??
Madonna and one of her dancers
rehearsing for her tour.
It's strenuous, ya'll.

Show of hands? Who here thinks this looks sexy? Would anyone want to snuggle up to that? This is not what I want to see first thing on Monday morning.


Sven-golly said...

Is it possible for someone to have a "negative" body fat index?!?!? I think Madonna has achieved it. It's absolutely frightening how close she comes to the exposed musculature of the "Bodies" exhibit.

Anonymous said...

If u want marge to stop lifting weights then get off here back
Love the boys

DivaJulia said...

Boys? She's going by MARGE now?


Love ya'll. xoxo j

DivaJulia said...

And, HEY. Did you just call me FAT, boys?


Anonymous said...

Oh god no my stupid itouch I meant madge and her back not here back duh and no I wasn't referring to you skinnyminnie