Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear Janet Jackson: Please Save Those Kids!

Oh, Dear Lord.
PLEASE let this happen?

A show of hands?? Who here thinks this is the best possible situation for Michael Jackson's children?

OK Magazine (aka "Take With a Grain of Salt" Magazine) is reporting:

"All three want Janet to read to them at night," a Jackson family friend says. "They just melt into her arms when she walks into the house."

The feeling is mutual, adds the insider.

"Janet has completely bonded with those children in the last two weeks," the friend continues. "She has been their rock. It's clear to everyone that they are looking to her for comfort and guidance."

One concern raised is that at 79, caring for three kids might be too much for Katherine, a problem eased by Janet's presence.

"Janet is not only willing to raise those children, she is also the only relative who knows how to protect them," the insider tells OK!. "Janet knows the value of a private life and knows how to keep her personal life out of the news. She is determined to do that for Michael's children. She is saying that he would want no less for them, pointing out how far he went to shelter them."

Think about it. We hardly ever hear crap about Janet Jackson. She managed to keep her marriage to that a-hole who cheated on her a secret for years. Remember? The one whose hands covered her boobs on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Janet was married to
these hands, and
we never even knew it!

ANYtheonlynormalJackson. This is the best idea I've heard for those three children. Miss Jackson knows how to keep things private. If it's up to her father, Joe, those poor kids will be headlining in Vegas next summer. GAAHH!


christine said...

So, I don't mean to make light of the situation at all, and I do hope Janet gets the kids for the sake of everyone involved, but can I ask a question? That woman beside Janet with the hat that a bar across her face to protect her identity or is that a hat covering everything but her mouth? It looks like a penguin is sitting on top her head. Very disturbing. Sorry. Moving right along ........

DivaJulia said...

HAHAHAA! Oh Christine, It's TIME to discuss the hats. That would be the lovely LaToya's hat. She and the other sister Rebbie had the MOST insane hats on. It was just a shadow that looks like a bar, but a bar might have been better.

christine said...

A shadow? For real? Well, it would make more sense cuz ya know, I had no idea how she'd be walking around without bumping into things. Thought maybe the peguin hat had eyes cut out or something, I mean it IS LaToya. Just sayin....