Thursday, August 27, 2009

Britney's in on it, right?

Check out Russell Brand's Michael Jackson tattoo! Pretty sweet.

God, PLEASE let this year's VMA's be better than last year--please? Oh, and there's a rumor
going around that the Queen of Pop will perform her new single "Celebration" at next month's Video Music Awards in New York City.

Those set to perform during the show, which takes place Sept. 13 at Radio City Music Hall, include Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Pink, Taylor Swift, Green Day and Muse.

I suppose I'll watch, if not just to ogle Russell with my darling Annette (who's half a world away).


Stuart said...

I've never gotten into his shtick, so I kind of go meh. He's basically being Captain Jack Sparrow, just all the time and in real life. At least, that's how it plays off to me.

DivaJulia said...

I guess that's why there are rumors of him playing Jack's brother.

You're not a GIRL. You don't get him like we do. ;)

xoxo j

Stuart said...

This is true. I do not. On the Jack's brother thing, this is why my sincere hope that Pirates 4 never appears feels justified. 3 was a bad enough capper, please don't go further into the muck.

Annette said...

If you don't know why women love him go on and watch him doing 'Danny Luvvin' - most hilarious thing i've seen this week.