Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Hasn't Michael Jackson Been Buried Yet?

MJ's being frozen until
someone buries this poor man.

I'll tell you why: $.

Michael Jackson still hasn't been laid to rest because Jermaine Jackson is hoping to bury him at Graceland...I mean, Neverland, even though Michael did not WANT to be buried there. It's being reported that some of the Jackson family are "appalled" by Jermaine's notion of burying Michael at the one place he did not wish to be laid to rest. After Michael was acquitted of child molestation charges (back in what, 2005?), he didn't want to live there anymore. He felt the place had been sullied by the police and investigators diggy-doggin' around his stuff, so he just left.

Jermaine? You look like a money-grubber right about now, and it's not cool. Your poor mother, Katherine is having to visit her dead son in some sort of freezer somewhere because YOU won't agree to burying him with dignity. Believe me, ya'll are making plenty of money off Michael's death--and it's kind of gross.

Does everything have to be a spectacle and all about money in relation to Michael Jackson?

Don't answer that. Sigh.

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