Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This S*#t is CRAZY! Egyptian Bust Looks EXACTLY Like Michael Jackson...

Michael? Is that YOU?

Remember the Time Pictures, Images and Photos
MJ in his Egyptian-themed
"Remember the Time" video garb. the tip of its NOSE! Holy crap, ya'll. Of course, it's simply called,
'limestone statue of a woman', which measures 25 cm high by 35 cm wide. Wow.

via The Telegraph UK:

"It is on display at the Inside Ancient Egypt exhibition at The Field Museum in the United States.

The bust was bought in Cairo in 1889 and has been on display at the museum for 21 years.

But its popularity has soared since Michael Jackson's death after fans started writing about the ancient statue on internet blogs.

The bust was carved during the New Kingdom Period, which ran between 1550 BC to 1050 BC.

This was around the same time as famous Egyptians Ramesses and King Tut."

What a weird coincidence. Are their Elvis and Tupac busts, too? Because here we GO, ya'll. Hope on board to Crazytown.

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