Friday, August 7, 2009

Recommended Movie Viewing for the Weekend - "Kalifornia"

Okay, my Darlings. We have a new segment here on Dipped in Cream! I'm going to offer up a movie suggestion for you to view over the weekend. If you've already seen the film, great. If not, please seek it out and enjoy.

This week, I've chosen "Kalifornia", starring David Duchovney, Michelle Forbes, Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt.

"Brian Kessler, a journalist researching serial killers, and his photographer girlfriend Carrie set out on a cross-country tour of the sites of the killings. Sharing the ride and their expenses are Early Grayce, a paroled white trash criminal, and his girlfriend Adele. As the trip progresses, Early begins to appear more and more unstable, and Brian and Carrie begin to fear that they may have a real-life killer in the back seat of their car. "

I tell ya what. You will be hard-pressed to find actors who play white trash hillbillies better than Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt. (Patricia Arquette in "True Romance" is right up there, though.) Brad is almost unrecognizable in his portrayal of Early Grayce. (I just LOVE when Juliette as Adele, pronounced A-del by Early) says his name..."Earrrrleeee". She's so stupid, yet sweet that it's heartbreaking and funny at the same time.

This film was made in 1993. Bits of it may seem dated, but it's really a great, underrated movie.

I want comments on this one, ya'll.


shakey said...

This is one of my favourite movies. This movie reminds us that Brad Pitt was once a really good actor. I find after the Oceans movies he more or less plays himself. He needs another role like this or like Twelve Monkeys to get his balls back.

christine said...

I LOVE this segment. I'm always looking for new movies to add on to my ipod for my trip back and forth to work, so this will give me some great new suggestions! Thanks!

DivaJulia said...

Shakey: I KNOW, right?? I think Early Grayce and Tyler Durder were his best roles.

Christine: YAY! I expect a full review from you, sistergirl. KISS that naughty (and sweet) baby boxer of yours for me!!

xoxo ~j

neonguy528 said...

Kalifornia is one excellent movie. This is a great all star cast. See how good Michelle Forbes is in "Swimming with Sharks" with Kevin Spacey, also a short part with Benicio Del Toro. An excellent movie. Kalifornia....a really great movie. All the best.