Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh, and Britney? It's time to fix that nasty weave, mmkay?

Bret Michaels?
Is that YOU? Oh. Sorry, Brit.

Miss Britney Jean Spears has been trottin' around with her two little boys (who keep shouting "OH SHIT!" in public, and Mama could not care less, ya'll!) picking up swag for some lame event or another, LOOKING LIKE THIS!!

There are SO many things wrong with this picture, I simply do not know where to begin. I swear that Brit-Brit procures (that's a big word for Miss Thang) her straw weave from her l'il sister's horsey barn back in Looziana. Just look at that crap. Then there's the back fat without a bra to accentuate the problem. Wow. Oh, then let's add that upper-arm snakey thing left over from "I'm a SLYYVE Fer Ya'll...Kitty, Kitty. Kitty Kitty".

God. I have one word and two numbers for you: Impending 5150. Okay. That was mean. Psych. (Oops. I did it again.)

Lame, I know.


PoshGamer said...

She was a good looking girl when she was younger, but she has just let herself go. I wonder how thise kids will grow up.

sumyandmontysma said...

oh my word. it looks as if someone has teased her hair, and put on a blindfold and took garden sheras to it! tsk tsk. those poor kids.