Monday, August 17, 2009

Separated at Birth - User, Boozer and Loser Edition!

Jerri Blank with some redneck at a liquor store.
Wait. That chick is STEVEN TYLER.

The real Jerri Blank

Oh, "Strangers With Candy". I swear to Xenu, I totally thought that picture of skeletal and old-ass-looking Steven Tyler was Amy Sedaris dressed as her character, Jerri Blank pretending to be Steven Tyler. Whaaa?

My head is spinning. I know we want our rock stars to keep on playin', but JAAAYZUS. No wonder dude-look-like-a-biddy fell off the goddamn stage last week and broke all them bones.

Steven, hon? Why are you in a LIQUOR STORE to begin with? Aren't you a recovering, um, EVERYTHING-one-can-be-addicted-to addict? Thank goodness Jerri Blank had this to say on your behalf:

"He's dealing with this the same way I dealt with my own alcoholism and drug addiction... with lies and delusion."


Annette said...

My god that's scary. Are you 100% sure it's him?!!

DivaJulia said...

Annette: 100%. xoxo j