Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Depeche Mode in Seattle - READER'S REVIEW!!

Depeche Mode - Seattle, Washington
Heather - Today'sGuest Reviewer!

I love when my readers collaborate with me here on Dipped in Cream! My lovely reader, Heather sent me her review and some pictures of Depeche Mode's concert here in Seattle earlier this week.

Here is Heather's review, ya'll!

"Seattle Wa. August 10th 2009-

Depeche Mode, my all time favorite band, never disappoints. What an amazing show they put on! Energy, electricity... sheer sex appeal just reverberates through the stadium. Opening song, In Chains, amazing. Gives the whole mass of fans a taste for the direction of the concert. Want, need, longing, seems to be the subject matter of the play list. Wrong, of course, the mega song from their latest album, Walking In My Shoes, It's No Good (yummy) Precious, Home, Come back, In Your Room, I Feel You, Enjoy the Silence, Stripped, Never Let Me Down Again, Strange Love, Personal Jesus, Master and Servant, and last but not least, to bring everyone back down out of their haze, Waiting for the Night. By the last set... Dave pretty much lost his voice, but went out with a bang!

Of course with true Depeche Mode fashion, they gave two fantastic encores, and left the crown begging for more.

With all the recent health issues lead singer Dave Gahan has been dealing with, the only clue we had was that he was a little timid in his normally swanky and exuberant stage persona. A lot of spinning and swaying to the beat was his method of choice for this venue. Still a great act, amazing stage presence. Can't wait for the next tour.

Awesome, Heather! This is one band I've never seen, but I KNOW I would've loved it. My favorite song by DM is "Personal Jesus". I even love the version Johnny Cash did--very haunting.

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Thanks again, Heather!!

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