Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is UP with the Lohan Girls' Faces? And WHY?

WHAT the hell??
Photo: OK Magazine

Is there any reason two relatively good looking young--and I do mean YOUNG--women would start effing around with their faces??

Yes. I know I've been posting about the Lohan girls quite a bit this week. I can't look away. It's The Car Wreck Syndrome.

Here we have 16 (read: 35) year old Ali and 23 (read: WTF?) year old Lindsay. It's like they go get injections into their lips and faces the way we civilians get a mani-pedi. Jaaayzus. Lindsay is trotting around town whispering "pruuuuuune" for the paps and giving us all an Angie-pout, while Ali is doing her best looking much like a Lawn Guyland single-mom.

I don't get it. Do YOU?

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busybee said...

lohan looks as if she's trying to look like angelina in girl, interrupted