Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the Photoshop Award goes to: BARBRA STREISAND. **UPDATE**

I KNOW. I can't believe
I'm writing about this, either.

Here's the thing, though. Barbara is 66 years old. I didn't look at her FACE first. I looked at her HAND. Now, that is some Photoshop ART, ya'll. Take a good, hard look at that flawless, porcelain-smooth paw. Wow. Seriously, someone needs a "Technical Grammy Award" when Barbra undoubtedly wins a few for her new cd, "Love is the Answer" next fall. (Because the Grammys are a snooze-fest. GET IT??)

Here's a description of Barbra's cd straight from her own website!

"Rounding out the album's smoky after-hours ambience with his sublime orchestrations is the legendary songwriter ("The Shadow of Your Smile") and Grammy-winning arranger Johnny Mandel (who worked with Streisand on her 1993 Back to Broadway album and arranged/co-produced Krall's 1998 Grammy-winning When I Look In Your Eyes)."

"Smoky after-hours ambience". (Notice that her website spelled ambiance incorrectly? Hilarious. Someone's gonna get their eyes scratched out, then their ass fired. Bitch doesn't PLAY.)

ANYgay. The only "smoky after-hours ambiance" I've experienced is when Patrick dragged my raggedy ass to an after-hours rave (are there any other kind?) in Seattle several years ago. I don't think it's what Barbra's referring to...unless she's got monotonous techno hidden tracks somewhere on the cd.

Oh...if ONLY.

**Update** HAHAHAHAAAA! I just realized why her website people spelled "ambiance" wrong...because they spelled it like AMBIEN!! I bet they knew exactly what they were doing!

Well done.

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