Friday, August 21, 2009

Did ya'll watch Project Runway last night? What the??

Ari Fish, the first designer to get the boot on PR
Wait. I'm confused now.
Project Runway's first guest judge;
Slutty von Hookerstein--
now I'm really confused.

Who else watched Project Runway last night? The first few episodes are always confusing. I feel a bit standoff-ish toward the new desiiiiiignerssss (that's how the word is pronounced, according the The Gospel of Tim Gunn). I don't know them yet, I don't know who I like and whom I loathe yet. One thing I noticed about last night's show was that the designers were not wearing their Bitch Pants yet. I witnessed compassion, admiration for one another and I was totally thrown off--but I liked it.

Anyway, the designers were given the challenge of making a "red carpet" dress. Same old routine, run to MOOD for fabric, wax poetic about what a "unique vision" each designer feels they own, hurry the eff UP already! Who's the guest celebrity judge?? Holy shit. It's Lohan.

I know I'm not the only goon out here who was transfixed by the fact that one designer, Ari Fish, looked exactly like Samantha Ronson. And Lindsay had to judge her crazy-ass "disco-soccerball" of a dress. Naturally, she was OUT.

Oddly enough, I found Linds to be quite interesting and articulate with her critique of the dresses. Makes you wonder just how far she could have gone had she not taken the vodka-Red Bull road.

I'll chat about Project Runway a bit next week. It gets easier when they narrow it down. Waaay to many people to invest my effort in now.

I still wish Christian Siriano could be on EVERY season. I miss that hot tranny mess.

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