Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Michelle Obama wore SHORTS on a Grand Canyon hike?? Whaaa???

Michelle and daughter, Malia Obama
Malia is gorgeous and getting so tall!

It seems some people are just outraged that First Lady Michelle Obama had the nerve to wear shorts--on vacation, on a hiking trip in Arizona. Who ARE these nuts and WHY are they freaking right out?

via Newsweek Online:

"According to the Today show, "some" are calling her fashion choice inappropriatebut the article quotes only those who support the look or, in the case of Washington Post fashion writer Robin Gihven, those who are "ambivalent" about bare legs for an August hiking trip in Arizona.

This is insanity. Just what exactly should she have worn? A tasteful sheath dress made of 100% cotton, covering her knees and sensible--but stylish--shoes? What a bunch of nuts.

It's 2009, or hadn't you heard? I'm imagining a bunch of bitchy hens clucking about our First Lady baring her legs. Those birds need to find something more useful to do than criticize Michelle Obama's attire while she's on vacation with her girls.

As usual, our First Lady looks great.


JLee said...

SERIOUSLY! I read this on yahoo and did a FBE (Full body eyeroll ;) ) Who CARES if she's showing some SKIN. She is dress a whole lot more modestly than some mom's I have seen hiking or on family outings. Since she's the first lady she can't show skin above the knee? She is 45 for goodness sake!! Is she suppose to make every appearance outside the white house a vogue ready outfit? It's not like she went to a press conference like this or met a leader...She went HIKING with the family. This disappointment crap rubs me the wrong way.

DivaJulia said...

First of all, JLee...the fact that you used my "full body eyeroll" made me SMILE!!!

And you NAILED it, Sister!!

xoxoxo j

Anonymous said...

Ok Jules: I respectfully disagree. Arizona is frickin hot - I know. That's why God made resort wear, for frickin hot climates. Think Anjelina in Cambodia, or Carla Bruni on the Mediterranean. Meechie O is married to the leader of the free world. She should call Michael Kors or someone. CB

DivaJulia said...

But CB...she was going HIKING. I'd like to know that last time Carla Bruni went HIKING. Lounging and looking tremendous on the Mediterranean is a whole different story. Believe me, I'd be wearing better than Michael Kors then! And Angelina was sitting around orphanages and doing interviews with Ann Curry or touring villages with a Jeep nearby. (Okay, I'm speculating..)

You know I *used to* overdress for everything. I'm a big fat snoot most of the time about this kind of thing.

I don't know. I just don't think she needs to be reamed for this. Normally, she looks fantastic. I'm giving her a break.

xoxo j

Anonymous said...

Jules, you make some excellent points. I have hiked the Grand Canyon, and other locales. I don't think the default setting is: denim shorts, tank, cottonshirt. I favor linen, and Born sandals. You don't have to look like a schlump to keep up. But viva la difference xoxo CB PS it's not about whether she showed skin. She looks. . .indistinguishable.

Mel and Zulu said...

I like her shorts and she's got fab legs. . .i say if you got it flaunt it, first lady or not. . . lol. ..