Monday, August 10, 2009

Those Cyrus Girls are Making Me Talk About Them Again!

Someone needs to reign this IN.

Video of Miley's 9-year old sister, Noah,
on the pole with her little friends.

I find these images very disturbing, don't you?

At the risk of sounding like the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live, I'm just appalled by Miley Cyrus and her little sister, Noah. Wait. Maybe it's their parents I should be wagging my finger toward.

via E! Online:

"It would be nice if Miley could help us all out and avoid this age-old debate by choosing not to pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards or wear a supershort miniskirt and then change into a dress with a serious plunging neckline. But she's not going to do that, and the cycle is just about to begin again with her little sister...

Noah Cyrus finally gives us an answer to the world's question: What's worse than a 16-year-old pole dancing on national television? A 9-year-old pole dancing at a Hollywood club."

We are raising a nation of little girls who find power in their sexiness. I'm not making one goddamned new or profound statement, this I realize. It doesn't mean I cannot be troubled by the sluttification of our little girls.

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Stuart said...

Well, it all end when everything crashes and burns. Disney leaned on the three season rule for Hannah Montana due to the massive amounts of cash it made, but they will move on to their next clone of the show and then she'll have no where to turn. I will admit, I'm seeing less and less of her merchandise worn or sold around the parks, so it is fading. Just not quick enough.