Monday, August 10, 2009

So the chick who's pregnant with Jude Law's baby wants "privacy". Oh. Uh huh.

Samantha WHO?
Jude Law's baby mama

I love this story. Here we have Samantha Burke. She managed to get pregnant with perennial philanderer, Jude Law's baby. But, YOU GUYS. She wants "her privacy"--which is exactly why she's holding press conferences, introducing herself, explaining her entire situation with The Jude and The Jude's Baby, and that all she really wants is to be left alone.

via The Huffington Post:

"Samantha Burke, the 24-year-old actress-model from Florida expecting Jude Law's baby in October after a brief relationship, held a press conference at her mother's home, along with her lawyers, to ask for her privacy.

As reflected in her Babies R Us registry, Burke plans to name the girl Sophia.

Waving to the gathered photographers as she exited the home, she introduced herself to the world with, "Hi, I'm Samantha Burke."

After one of the lawyers spoke (scroll below the video to read his statement) Samantha said, "I would just really appreciate if everyone would respect my privacy."

Law is currently in England appearing in Hamlet on the West End."

So, just like any other 10th grader who got knocked up by the football player, she's posting her ever-growing belly all over the internet.


Oh yeah...and "ka-ching" goes her bank account.

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