Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris Brown? SHUT the eff UP.

Goddamnit. Guess what, y'all? Chris Brown doesn't remember a THING about beating Rihanna to a bloody pulp. What??

Does this a-hole really think wearing a baby blue sweater and a dorky bow-tie will make us think he's just a misunderstood young man? ("Like, wow.")

We will have a hair-lighting ceremony tonight during Larry King. God knows, my hair will be on fire.

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Brad said...

Dear Chris,

That not remembering thing, it's called a 'rage blackout'. It's something that most serial killers have. They snap, blackout and cause harm to others and then dont remember why they have a bloody dick or why theres a dismembered hooker in their bathtub. You might wanna get that checked out...just sayin'.