Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Asshole Brother Edition

"Which brother who has achieved his own measure of success is a creepy egomaniac, according to some who have worked with him and don't really care to again?" via Village Voice/Michael Musto

My favorite line in a Bush song, "should I fly to Los Angeles; find my asshole brother?" This has NOTHING to do with the Blind Item...just a funny aside.

SO. A lot of people are guessing a Baldwin for this, but I'm thinking Chad Lowe, Rob's brother (horseface-Hillary Swank's ex-husband, as well).

Any other guesses?

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busybee said...

What about Julia Robert's brother. Didnt Mickey Rourke give him a shout out at the GG's asking what did he do that he can't get a job?