Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kat von D has some kind of tattoo concealer goo to hawk.

Speaking of Photoshop.
I have a feeling it took a TUB
of this goo, not that tiny bottle
to cover up her ink.

It seems Kat von D has some sort of concealer that covers up tattoos that Sephora is selling. That must be some heavy-duty goo. Wow. Now, I have 4 tattoos. Only one is visible...the one on my left foot and ankle. You know? There may be an event that I would like to cover it up. Like two weeks ago at Stephen's son's wedding. Yikes. I wish I had known about this product THEN. Sigh.
Sorry, Lisa and Joel.

But I LOVE my tattoo!!

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Stuart said...

See, looking somewhat attractive in the first, super photoshopped picture. Then in the latter, the nightmarish image of psudo-reality. Mean, that one is photoshopped too, just not as much.

I can see, if this stuff truly works, every new cast member at Disney, if not Disney themselves, buying tons of this goop. Seeing Disney holds strong and fast to their Disney Look rule of no visible tattoos of any kind, and that's an issue with a good number of new CMs, this stuff might be highly suggested. Not an issue with me, however. I don't have any, visible or not. Needles are not my friends to begin with and I really don't have anything that I stand by firm enough to have it etched into my skin.