Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Vick? Aww HELL No. Apology NOT Accepted. WARNING: Horrific photo

THIS is what dog fighting IS.
Michael Vick - still a cold-hearted criminal.

We're all supposed to say "Oh, Michael. You're forgiven." Guess what? I don't forgive him. This letter or blog or whatever it is, is simply a device to gain public sympathy. I've posted this dumbass's attempt at gaining our forgiveness, when in reality, all he really wants is to make a mighty fine living again in the NFL--and this is how it's done, apparently:

Vick (or someone on his payroll, perhaps) writes:

I’m sorry. That’s the place where I need to begin. My feeling of remorse. I ain’t never written a blog before, so putting my thoughts down on paper is a challenge - however it’s a challenge I must face. I can look a 250 pound linebacker in his eyes at the line of scrimmage and have no fear. But expressing myself when I know that there are millions of people who are so angry with me, and rightfully so, is a challenge unlike any other I have faced before.

What I did was horrendous. Awful. Inhumane. And I’ve no excuses for my actions. It makes my heart hurt now to think about what I’ve done. And I’m gonna be real honest, it took a while for me to get to this place.

Sitting in a prison cell didn’t make me feel remorse. It was meeting so many animal lovers, speaking with them and looking them in their eyes. Staring at them. Looking so deep into their eyes that I began to feel their pain. Allowing that pain to enter into my body is when I started to understand how bad it really was. I have been trying hard to connect with people who feel this pain,because for my whole life I was disconnected from the suffering of animals. And you might say, “come on Mike, how could you do those things to those dogs?” And you’re right…I
ask myself those questions every day. What kind of person does this? How does a human-being treat dogs or any animal with such pain and cruelty? And the hard part for me is the answer to these questions. Because the answer is ME. And I am trying so hard right now to become a better person, because who I was, I am ashamed of.

Cause see, my whole life has been numb. I was numb to the violence in my community…cause I saw it all the time, ever since I was a child. I mean, how does one grow up in a city that’s nickname is Bad Newz? You can probably guess that from the jump, ya’ know I’ve seen some bad things in my life. And football was the only way that I could escape. As a kid, I even used to go out fishing, and most of the times I wouldn’t catch a darn thing, but just needed to get away from the chaos every once in a while. So, when the commissioner called my name as the #1 draft pick in the NFL - the first time a black quarterback had ever been chosen as the #1 pick, I thought my life was all good. But, what I didn’t realize then, that I have begun to realize now, is that even though I had more money in my pocket, big cars and big houses, I was still numb. And when I say numb, I ain’t talkin about not realizing the stuff that was going on around me, it was just like I was living life asleep. However, that is still no excuse for what I did. But let’s not forget that there are still hundreds of thousands of young people growing in similar environments and seeing violence at a young age has severe consequences.

Now that I’m trying my best to wake up, I know I have a lot of work to do. And this isn’t about trying to win a Super Bowl ring or a MVP trophy…this is about trying to save lives. I think back to when I use to play football and of course I use to see all those kids in the stands wearing #7 jerseys. And I would never want them to look up to the Michael Vick who did all of those terrible things to the dogs. I know where I need to do the most work is with all of the people around the world who continue to fight dogs. Let me be straight forward with y’all: What I did was wrong, and what you’re doing is wrong. We must stop dog fighting, and I will do everything in my power to be a voice of someone who has finally woken up from the numbness, and knows just how bad it really is. My mission now is to be a source of service to save many animals. I am working very closely with The Humane Society and will be launching a new campaign shortly. If I had one hope in life, it would be that my actions will speak louder than my words. I know it will be hard to forgive me until you see my sincerity through my actions, but I promise you and I promise myself that that day will come.

Lastly, I accept this challenge, not of writing this blog, but of redeeming myself.

Uh huh. So, you looked into "doglover's eyes", did you Michael? How about the DOG's eyes? Maybe they are still just a piece of meat and a wad of cash?

You know, serial killers become "numb" to seeing blood and torture, too. Sometimes they begin with animals. And NO. I'm not saying that's where Vick was headed. Where's the MONEY in that?

Feel free to challenge me on this one, guys. (I have a feeling you won't.)


Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

i agree.

i think the eagles should be ashamed.

W said...

Eh, I totally thought it was written by him. I never want to live in a world where human beings aren't worth forgiveness.

Heather said...

It totally pisses me off... not to mention all the suffering and cruelty these dogs were put through... but the fact that 9 time out of 10 there is gambling and drugs involved... what a great role model to look up to! The Eagles should feel really stupid about the decision they made to put a jackass on their team to represent.

DivaJulia said...

W: It's not up to ME to forgive him. I simply feel this is all being carefully timed and worded to benefit his bank account, to get asses in the seats in Philly and perhaps to help Chris Brown learn how to word an appropriate apology as a side benefit.


W said...

Well, then what effort WOULD have been appropriate? Any?

DivaJulia said...

W: Perhaps Vick could have just gone under the public radar working with animal shelters (read: WITHOUT MEDIA CAMERAS COVERING HIS EVERY MOVE). Even doing service with a vet who is involved with abused animals might help his see just how these dogs suffer and the care they require.

But, actually? He already saw the dogs suffer.

It makes me wonder if the psyche of someone who gets a thrill from seeing a living being chew another one to bloody bits ever gets that out of their head. I'm being completely serious. You know how experts say sex offenders simply cannot be rehabilitated? Is it the same with someone who enjoys violence and torture?

I really don't believe he wrote that note. I think it was "football-player dumbed down" to sound like he wrote the blog.

How are you feeling about this, W?

sumyandmontysma said...

i love this blog.. you always put into words how i feel.. and you have done it yet again.. very well spoken and great points... everything is a publicity stunt with this guy.. no fucking way he wrote this! he should never have been allowed back into the NFL.. its not that he isnt worth forgiveness.. he killed animals.. a little bit of time in a prison cell (and lets face it he wasnt in a horrible place.. im sure he had all the amenities and then some) its that he made his bed.. now its time to lie in it.. at least he isnt buried in a shallow grave in the back yard.. more than i can say for some of those poor dogs.if those were human lives he would taken the situation would have been handled entirely different.. living creatures are living creatures.. canine or otherwise.. i know many dogs that are more noble and compassionate than humans.. anyone have any good examples?

W said...

I'm not sure how I feel. I'm a pretty big proponent of forgiving sinners when they show remorse. I feel that I'm pretty good at sensing media spin and it just wasn't my impression. I may be wrong. It will be interesting to see what he does from here.

W said...

Also meant to say, there has been more outrage over Michael Vick than over, say, O.J. Simpson. Animals are important, humans are too.

DivaJulia said...

W: BELIEVE me. Today when I heard that motherfucker OJ "wants his stuff back" my hair caught fire. That "stuff" should go directly to the Brown and Goldman families for them to sell--or burn--if they see fit.

I'm not one of those PETA nuts who place human beings before animals. However, I don't agree with putting cosmetics in dog, cat or rabbit eyeballs to see if it's toxic. Companies need to NOT put toxic shit in our mascara, mmkay? I'm rambling.

I just don't feel Vick's words were HIS words or all that heartfelt. Does he really need to have the media on hand when he's so tenderly working with children and speaking about the evils of dog fighting? None of it rings true or authentic. I'm all for authenticity, not showboating.

JLee said...

Okay, first of all, Julia, I agree with you whole heartedly. Yes, forgiveness is nice when someone says something mean about you, or unknowingly pushing a wrong button with you..But someone who MURDERED animals, profited from it, and essentially made a small empire in doing so and expanding it DOES NOT DESERVE forgiveness. W: The only and ONLY person that can forgive this MONSTER is God. Did you read the “apology”? We ALL know he did not write one damn one of that. We know that he is nothing but a puppet of his managers, so that MAYBE we won’t hate him as much. WRONG. Anyone who reads that KNOWS that he is not remorseful and stamping his name on an apology is NOT making an effort in showing remorse. Like Julia said, if he was truly remorseful, he would go UNDER the radar and try to right his wrong. Saying, “opps, sorry about that” is NOT making an effort to EARN ( did ya hear that? EARN) your forgiveness. The ONLY person who is going to GIVE it to him, is God, if he seem he deserves it; but that is not our place to determine, it’s GODS. Furthermore, murder is murder. No one has the right to take ANYONE or ANYTHING’s life. It is simply not our place to do so or determine whether something else gets to live or die. Is remorse comparing a 250 linebacker to “having to apologize” remorseful? Are you KIDDING ME?! Real heartfelt there DICK, …opps..I mean Vick. And then he goes on about looking animal lovers in the eyes, now you know he’s lying. He can watch countless dogs being ripped to shreds while drinking champagne, but looking into those animal lovers eyes…THAT is when he started to feel remorse. I’m not going to write a novel on here about this, but don’t bring this “forgiveness” crap up without taking a hard look at what happened and what is being said.

christine said...

After my father suddenly died a few years back I thought you know, I need to change my attitude because I always held grudges against people and he hated that about me. I realized how short life was as I tried to understand what it all meant in the first place. I am at a point now where I can and would like to make peace with some of my "enemies"....BUT THIS BASTARD, HE CAN ROT IN HELL! He didn't just cut someone off in his car. He tortured and murdered innocent, helpless dogs. There is no forgiveness in this heart of mine - not for some cruel sick bastard like him.

Brad said...

W, this is directed to you mostly. So read close.

You said: "I'm a pretty big proponent of forgiving sinners when they show remorse."

Well, good for you for forgiving sinners but frankly, thats not your job, that the big mans up stairs (and I'm not talking about the NFL commissioner, I mean a little higher, celestially high). Granted, he did a crime and he served time, and he is apparently 'rehabilitated'.

Vick was a role model. Wether he wanted to be or not, the falcons no. 7 jersey was the highest selling NFL jersey at one time. This puts him in the public eye, and by violating any law he betrays the thousands and thousands of kids who idolize him. Why should he be allowed to be a role model again? Do you want your kid trying to get your dogs or neighborhood dogs to fight? Don't laugh at the thought, people do alot of stupid shit because people high on the public pedestal do it. Tell me that Patrone Tequila would just as popular if rappers didn't go on and on about how that's what they're 'drankin' in the club.

Picture being a teammate of Vick. Would you want to be living with, travelling with, showering with and trusting a man convicted of intentionally putting innocent animals in harms way? Picture having your boss tell you that you're going to be sharing your office with a convicted child molester, but don't worry, they served their time and they are very sorry for what they did. Would you bring your son/daughter to the office to watch this person work because they are talented at what they do? Don't forget, they've served their time and have written a blog but are now collecting a higher paycheck then you. Is that right? Are you ok with that scenario? I doubt it.

You also ask 'what effort WOULD have been appropriate? Any?'. Well my dear, how much of Vicks new multi million dollar contract is he contributing to help stop dog fighting, or to donate money for vet bills for dogs suffering from dog fighting injuries, or to the SPCA or a no kill shelter? How much of it? How much remorse does he really feel, how does his heart break when he looks at dog lovers and then walks away laughing all the way to the bank?

And on an unrelated note, who the fuck proofread that clowns blog?! 'I aint never' and other awesome ghettoish terms should have never been part of a public apology. You want people to take you seriously? USE REAL ENGLISH.

DivaJulia said...

Brad: I was a Legal Assistant for years. It was my job to compose affidavits and statements to "sound" like the client wrote it. I have NO DOUBT this was the same deal. Mind you, we never had high profile cases like this...which makes me even more positive he did NOT write this piece of crap.

Thanks so much for the comment.

xoxo ~j

halfbrown said...

IMNSHO there's no impetus to forgive Vick. I'm sure he's sorry, but probably only b/c he got caught. I'd bet dollars to donuts that if he hadn't been caught he'd still be doing it.

Sven-golly said...

As a consummate dog lover who is also married to one, I can say I agree 100% with my wife, Divajulia, and am very proud of her for telling it like it is. Practically everyone who commented was able to see through this "sham" of an apology.
Halfbrown hit the nail on the head....if Vick is truly sorry for anything, it's for getting caught.

Mel&Zulu said...

Forgiveness. . .
Do i forgive ppl. . .lets see. . .i forgive ppl for telling a lie, i forgive litle kids that steal a penny sweet from the shop, i forgive my hubby when he is in a bad mood and takes it out on me, i forgive my boss for giving me the shitty jobs to do, but when i look at this picture and am asked do i forgive Mick Prick. . NO CHANCE IN A LIFETIME will forgivness ever be passed to him from me, he is a murdering coward who deserves to be kicked into the gutter where he belongs.. .

yes forgiveness is a big thing and we're all supposed to do it, but this is the real world and these are the scum that we are forced to share our planet with, not by choice at all.

I dont forgive child abusers for hurting innocent kids. I dont forgive men that kill there wifes through domestic violence, i dont forgive animal abusers who think they can get away with it because the animals have no voice and are deemed as disposable because they like human murderers deserve to have nothing.

What the NFL have basically said by doing this is . . .Hey kids, go do drugs, go shag prostitutes, go hurt innocent animals, go gamble, be a man just like Mick Prick. .

Like Brad said, would you leave your child alone in a room with a child abuser just because he served his time and was "rehabilitated", not a chance you would, so forgive Mick Prick NEVER!!!