Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh GURRLL. Oprah's Got Whitney.

Oprah. Will she ask Whitney the tough questions?

The Bobby Years
Almost...but not quite.

THIS is the Whitney we want back.

Oprah Winfrey will start a new season on Sept. 14 with a Whitney Houston interview.

Winfrey calls it "the most anticipated music interview of the decade." Hmmm. Is it, though? Will Oprah ask what we really want to know about Whitney and her crazy-ass behavior for the past 10 years? I almost think Anderson Cooper would ask the tough questions...but that's why Whitney's going with Oprah.

On The Oprah Show, Whitney will receive applause, praise and maybe even get to sing (lipsynch? Have you heard her new single?).

You bet I'll watch it, but I don't expect any huge revelations during Oprah's big coup.

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Mel and Zulu said...

Yayyy. . .i like Whitney H, she is fab and has an amazing voice. . .bout time that sista got back in the saddle. . . .

Go Whitney!!!!