Sunday, August 23, 2009

That Monster, Ryan Jenkins, Found Dead

Burn in hell, asshole.

I didn't write about this horrible story simply because it was just too, well, horrible. Seems this monster did himself in British Columbia today.

via D-Listed:

"Ryan Jenkins
, the contestant from Megan Wants A Millionaire who was accused of murdering his wife, was found in a motel in Hope, British Columbia. The police say Ryan's body was found by motel staff. They believe he offed himself, because his body was found hanging. Ryan was ID'ed through his fingerprints. Ryan's wife had to be identified by the serial number on her implants, because her fingers and teeth were removed.

Ryan was charged with the murder of Jasmine Fiore on August 20th, just 5 days after her body was found stuffed into a suitcase in Buena Park, CA. Ryan was hiding out in Canada after he escaped there by foot from the US."

I guess he figured once he was extradited, he wouldn't be able to afford attorney Mark Gerogos. Of course he didn't get Mark Peterson off for killing his wife, either.

That poor girl.


Katey said...

Woah, I was watching that show last week. I remember him. Freaky!!! What in the hell are peoples motives for killing their spouses? That Megan girl must so weirded out!

Mel and Zulu said...

OMG. . .what an animal! I saw this on the TV and was wondering how come they could shoot him into the limelight of national TV when he was already known as a violent person, another good role model hmmmmmm!!