Monday, August 17, 2009

New "Dancing With the Stars" Line-up Revealed

GAAAAH! Kelly Osborne
Kathy Ireland with her K-Mart lamps
Dallas Cowboy, Michael Irvin - SURPRISE!
Donny Osmond - SNORT!
Actress, Debi Mazar
Macy (Drunky von Retardstein) Gray
Iron Chef's, Mark Dacascos

Here we go, ya''s time for "Dancing With the Don't-You-Know-Who-I-Used-to-BE?" line-up. I don't think I watched more than two episodes last season. Who even won? That's just how involved I am with this show now.

Sigh. Here's the list of has-beens/athletes. (OH--I just remembered...that "little person" from the Olympics won, right?)

- Former Sabrina The Teenage Witch actress Melissa Joan Hart (I remember her from "Clarissa Explains it All" on Nickelodeon, not "Sabrina".)
- Rock royalty Kelly Osbourne EEEEEK!! F-Bomb alert!!
- Recovering (?) addict Aaron Carter
- Singer Mya from "Chicago"
- Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell
- Professional snowboarder Louie Vito
- Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin
- Six-time gold medalist for swimming Natalie Coughlin
- Actress Debi Mazar (Love her.)
- Iron Chef Dude Mark Dacascos
- Swimsuit model Joanna Krupa (who?)
- The son of George Hamilton and Alana Stewart, Ashley Hamilton (Shannen Doherty's ex, remember?)
- Donny Osmond (Ugh, wasn't she already ON? Oh.)
- Tom DeLay (I'm at a loss for this one.)
- Former supermodel and K-Mart enthusiast Kathy Ireland
- Former singer Macy Gray (Big, Drunk Retard!)

I just cannot get enthused about this crap.


busybee said...

I LOVE debi mazar too!!

dha said...

WOW! Aaron Carter, Donny Osmand AND Macy Gray!!!!

Did somebody say BEST SEASON EVER?!?'s gonna be a shit show

DivaJulia said...

dha: HA! I know, right? Oh, and WELCOME to Dipped in Cream!!

xoxo j

Kahla said...

I usually don't watch this show but I'm excited about some of the "stars".
1. Chuck Liddell because I love UFC MMA fighting.
2. Mark Dacascos because I'm crossing boxer paws that he acts as crazy as he does on Iron Chef.
3. Kathy Ireland because when my husband lived at home he had a giant poster of her almost naked on the wall. lmao