Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Junkie Edition

"This well respected Academy Award winner/nominee actress has had a dramatic weight loss recently thanks to her heroin use. Her habit has become so bad that people are convinced they saw her using in a popular LA Japanese restaurant."

via CDaN

There are a slew of names being tossed into the ring on this one. Some worry me. Some are ridiculous. The whole thing is scary.


Annette said...

My first thought was Her Skinnyness Angelina so i googled it and i'm not the only one it seems. Then i thought about it and she's always got those bony arms out and i don't see any needle marks. She might be snorting or smoking though. Hmmmm....not convinced though.

Annette said...

It's probably Melanie Griffith.

DivaJulia said...

Annette: Not sure Melanie is "well respected". I know she just checked into rehab--not DETOX. (Although she may have already done that.) In other words, if you're hooked on something hard, you need hospitalization first, due to the high risk of death during withdrawal. They need medical supervision that regular rehab facilities--even the posh ones--don't provide. Wow. I know way too much about this, don't I? (Don't answer that.)

I really cannot believe it's Angelina...or maybe I don't WANT to. She's always been very thin. The BI said she recently lost a large amount of weight.

Let's keep talking and thinking about this one...

xoxo j