Wednesday, August 12, 2009

COOP-WEGER? Aniston = Epic Fail Once Again.

The high school "hand in back pocket"
move proves it, right?
I am coveting Renee's Loubs.

File this under the category of: "As if I CARE". The only item in the revelation that Renee (Pinchy Face) Zellweger and Bradley Cooper (from "He's Just Not That Into Aniston" and "The Aniston Hangover"), are seemingly an item, is that Chiniston is again, so very, very ALONE, while Bradley and Renee are kissing in a cathedral in Barcelona, Spain.

Will Bradley still want to kiss Renee once she packs on the chub for another meaty "Bridget Jones" film? We'll see about that.

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Stuart said...

My GF saw those heels and her reaction was one of horror, followed by "owowowowow". And personally, I like Renee better as Bridget Jones. I think she looks better that way. At least she doesn't look quite as sour with rounded features.