Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's Blind Item - The Reddest Red Lipstick Edition!

...and NO. I'm not talkin' about doggie peens. (Thank you, comedian Dave Attel for that icky joke.)

Which singer is such a diva that she wears bright red lipstick to bed? She recently made her hubby go out at 10pm to get a replacement tube of her favorite shade." via Blind Items

If Mimoo Carey wore red lipstick, I KNOW it would be her style, but she doesn't, so it isn't. So, hmmmmm....


busybee said...

i was thinking GWEN! but xtina makes more sense

DivaJulia said...

BB: Gavin is Gwen's bitch, but he may simply LEND her some of HIS Dior lipstick? MEEE-OWWW.

Jordan is most certainly the bigger bitch. Totally Xtina. And WHAT has happened to her FACE??

xoxo ~j

p.s. I want that tote, Lovey. <3