Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big whoop, Gisele Bundchen is pregnant.

Gisele and Tom Brady
Oh, remember her? This is
Bridget Moynahan, who Tom left for Gisele--

All of a sudden I'm irritated about Father's Day. Hearing about StupidGisele being pregnant today makes me angry. It brings back a few memories of being dumped while I was pregnant--and the baby's father promptly marrying someone else, and immediately starting a family. Wow. Total sharing moment. I guess that's what blogs are for, eh?
On top of that, I have no father. I never knew mine (he has since died), then had an abusive step-father.
So now I just sort of congratulate my husband for being an amazing step-dad to my boys--because he IS, and now that my son Alex is a dad, I can be proud of him. It's all very strange for me. I'm not sure I've ever really thought this hard about Father's Day before...but seeing these stupid celebrity photos above just sorta pissed me off on several levels.
Ummm, sorry. Happy Father's Day?

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