Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Johnny Depp Leaves Waiter $4000 Tip!

Saint Johnny
Could he BE a little more awesome??
Every time I hear a story of Johnny Depp being a gracious sweetheart, I think he couldn't possibly get anymore wonderful. But here he goes again:

"Actor Johnny Depp reportedly stunned a waiter in Chicago after leaving a $4,000 tip following a late-night dinner.

Digitalspy reports that the 'Public Enemies' star had been dining at Gibsons steakhouse with friends, including co-star Marion Cotillard and director Michael Mann, following the movie's premiere.
Speaking to RadarOnline, waiter Mohammed Sekhani said: "He may be one of the most famous actors in the world but he is a very humble guy and a really cool dude.

"Obviously, I was delighted with his tip but he has always been very generous every time that he has visited us here at Gibsons."
Sekhani went on to say that Depp, who arrived at the restaurant at around 11.30pm, had ordered "some $500 bottles of Italian wine" and a range of appetizers for his guests before leaving at 2.30am.

"He is a very soft spoken guy who is very charming and sweet - when I wait for him he doesn't like to be too fussed over and is not in any way demanding."
He's the new Saint. Move over Angelina.

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