Friday, June 12, 2009

Madonna Finally Gets Mercy Off Layaway--Apparently Paid in Full!

This "painting" of Madonna should be hanging in
the Louvre any day now!

Seems Madonna put her big ticket-item, a four year old child named Mercy, on a layaway plan a few months back and has finally paid in full, so she's free to carry out her purchase in a grocery cart (read: private plane)! Times are tough all over, and apparently everyone needs the convenience of paying for more expensive purchases over time. Well, good for Madonna, and Mercy, and the country of Malawi (and certain relatives of Mercy--she's not an orphan), I suppose.

"According to Radar Online, a three-judge panel, headed by Malawi’s Chief Justice, Lovemore Munlo, said that the lower courts initial ruling was out of sync with the times. In addition to that, it is said that Madonna’s charitable history toward Malawi should have been taken into consideration.

This could not have been happier news for the pop superstar as it has been a long hard fight. But, not looking back, Madonna is said to be celebrating.

“It’s the wee hours of morning in New York but she is excited at the news,” her attorney, Alan Chinula said. “As her lawyer I am happy that this has settled this contentious issue.”

We'll being seeing Mercy, dressed completely in white, going to Kabbalah classes very soon.

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