Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brad and Angelina SPLIT? What the??

Were The Golden Couple faking it at Cannes?

Honestly. Who knows? On the one hand it's the "National Enquirer" reporting this crap, and on the other that rag been RIGHT way too many times. John Edwards knows this all too well.

So. It's a wait and see, but as much as I love these two, I do think it's inevitable, don't you? I do think it's odd they are both filming movies right now. Didn't they used to make a big deal of never working at the same time so the family could stay together? So here's a bit of the story from "The Enquirer":

"Hollywood's most glamorous power couple - who never married despite having six children - have grown tired of trying to gloss over their problems following five tumultuous years together, say sources.

Brad and Angelina are going their separate ways with the hope of reuniting in the future if they can repair their volatile relationship, disclosed an insider.

"They will make it official. It looks like Brad will be shooting two movies in California and in the Amazon, while Angelina is retreating to their French chateau with the rest of the family.

"It's an official split."

I swear to God, if that nut Aniston starts sniffing around Brad, I'll puke.


Annette said...

Oh God - that was SO juicy gossip-wise i dribbled a little.....OK they're both beautiful but Brad seems fun and SHE always seems so intense and controlling and self sufficient. She's one of those 'Mother women'. You get women who are more 'wife women' - but she's defo the 'mother' type.

DivaJulia said...

Before all those kids, I bet they had A LOT of fun. Where's THAT sex tape?

Oh. Did I say that out loud??

DivaJulia said...

p.s. I guess one could call "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" their sex tape.

Annette said...

ha - spot on! She's going to turn into Mia Farrow isn't she?