Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perez Hilton is Wussy and Scaredy.

The hateful and heartless, Perez Hilton

Good. I'm happy to hear that that wussy a-hole, Perez Hilton is all nervey and scaredy after his hateful remarks immediately following the news of Michael Jackson's passing. The website "The Gawker" has written a very funny, yet important blog about the idiot known as Perez Hilton:

Via The Gawker:

"Infamous gossip monger/dirtbag Perez Hilton has maybe had the worst week of his life. And it's beginning to show: Perez is blogging scared. Is this the end for him?

Perez (née Mario Lavandeira) got a literal slap upside the head by Will.I.Am's manager earlier this week, and a few figuratively slaps upside the head by celebrities who once willingly participated in his sadomasochistic, symbiotic celebrity-industrial complex for his poor handling of Michael Jackson's death. Because of both, Lavandeira's clearly shaken, and isn't doing too well.

The cracks in his mini-empire are beginning to show. Little of the trademark viciousness or salaciousness Perez typically attracts readers to his site with has been around lately..."

There is one particular celebrity blogger whom I find hilarious. It's Michael K. who writes "D-Listed". There isn't a day that goes by that I don't LITERALLY laugh out loud when reading this blog. I often wish I could be as funny and ridiculous as he is, but I can't compare our blogs. Mine goes from silly-mean in one post to personal and full of self-pity (or loathing, as the case may be), on the next blog. So, if you really want an alternative to that a-hole who's pictured above, please go to D-Listed.

In other words: BOYCOTT that hateful bitch's website.

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