Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love Joan Jett...(but I'm worried about the new Runaways movie!)

The Runaways

I'm about to show my age again. A film about the Los Angeles-based badass jailbait band, The Runaways is being made as we speak. Sourpuss Kristen Stewart from that sparkly vampire movie is playing Joan Jett. It's being said that Joan hand-picked KStew for the role. I'm gonna give Joan the benefit of the doubt on that one.

The actress playing the blonde cherry bomb, Cherie Curry is pissing me off, though. Dakota Fanning? Seriously? I'm sure she sees it as an opportunity to shed her goody-goody image, but I'll believe it when I see her moving and singing like Cherie with her Bowie-esque persona. Now, I don't watch "Gossip Girl", but I do know who Taylor Momsen is--she's a 16-year old, big-eyed, actress and rocker chick (she even has a band, The Pretty Reckless). Was Taylor even considered for the role of Cherie Curry forpitysake??

This little chick, Taylor Momsen, should play Cherie Curry...

NOT Dakota Fanning!

I'm actually kind of excited about this movie. I was in high school in southern California when The Runaways were at their height. I was never allowed to do anything like go to L.A. to clubs. I would've been terrified, for one thing. (I was a late bloomer, okay?) I did, however pour over their club dates in the L.A. Times and glean any bit of information I could about these chicks. I mean, they were my age doing this shit, back in the late 70's, people.

Do yourself a favor and Google The Runaways, and hope for the best for this movie.


Annette said...

OK - i can't get excited about this because i don't have the nostalgia thing prompting me. All i CAN remember was wearing my eye make-up like Joan's when she sang "i hate myself for loving you" - i loved that song in the olden days!

DivaJulia said...

I love "Bad Reputation". I think I was just so fascinated with these girls who were my age, but were actually onstage performing like the Big Boys were.

There was a lot of seedy shit going on behind the scenes (a possibly verbally and sexually abusive manager for one).

Anyway, yeah. I'm old.