Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is Sean Penn in rehab for being an a-hole?

Do me a personal favor, you butthole.
Larry, from the Three Stooges;
the role of a lifetime for Sean
is not happening.
I think that would be the best place for him. A-hole rehab.

via WWTDD:
"A Page Six blind item last week read: “Which actor is on hiatus due to a drug relapse? He claimed he needed time off because of the heartbreak of his public split, but he’s actually headed to rehab.” Looks like it’s been solved today after EW reported that Sean Penn had pulled out of Cartel and The Three Stooges."
I guaran-effing-tee that Sean or his wife, Robin Wright Penn will file for divorce again before the end of the year. He'll be back snorting lines off the toilet seat with Lindsay Lohan soon enough. Ya heard it here first.
Robin? What the hell?


Stuart said...

I didn't like him in the Three Stooges movie anyway. Because, as it's supposed to be right now, it's not a Three Stooges biopic, it's a Three Stooges reboot by the Farrelly brothers. So, at this point, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro are two of the "new Three Stooges". Sickening. Even more sickening is that Tom Cruise is highly rumored to be Penn's replacement.

DivaJulia said...

Oh god. Not Cruisey. Ugh.

Stuart said...

I know. It's the true equivalent of going from bad to worse.