Friday, June 19, 2009

Johnny Depp, Christian Bale Attend Chicago Premiere of "Public Enemies"

Johnny Depp on the red carpet last night

Director Michael Mann and Oscar winner,
Marion Cotillard
Christian Bale and wife, Sibi

Johhny Depp

I'm pretty convinced that Johnny Depp is the most gracious actor on the planet.

Last night in Chicago, for the premiere of his latest film, "Public Enemies", Johnny delayed the screening of the movie to stay out on the street to meet fans and sign autographs. This kind of stuff isn't publicized all that much. We're always seeing Scientolo-Tom Cruisey hamming it up for photo ops for his appearances, and they tend to creep me out. He's so calculating with his interaction with fans.

AnyILOVEJOHHNYSOBAD. is reporting:

"Star of the new film "Public Enemies," Johnny Depp appears on the red carpet premiere of the film in Chicago, IL Thursday evening. Depp posed for photographers, talked with reporters, then walked out to the street to greet waiting fans, signing autographs on anything he could reach. The film, directed by Michael Mann, opens to the public July 1. (Elizabeth Myers/RedEye)

Patrick and I are still "singing" the Christian Bale remix of his rant a few months ago. ("OhhhGOOOOD. It's fucking distracting!") It's just so darn catchy!

In case you missed it...enjoy!


Annette said...

You're right! It's catchy! You can't fake that kind of rage.

Stuart said...

Though it may not be as appealing, I know that his BFF Tim Burton is also like that. A while back when I studied in London I was lucky enough to fall upon the London Corpse Bride premiere. Though Mr. Depp was not able to attend due to being in the Caribbean filming some second and third Pirate films, most everyone else was. And while everyone else darted into the theater, (though Christopher Lee striding almost Saruman/Count Dooku/Dracula way in his long coat was really cool), Burton hung out outside for the longest, went up and did media row, got to the theater door, openly exclaimed "Hell, I've seen it already" and went back to sign more stuff. Now that's cool. No pad of paper for me but I was lucky enough to shake the man's hand. As a great admirer of his work, that was more than enough.

DivaJulia said...

Tim Burton is one of my Top 5 favorite directors. That is a fantastic story, Stuart, and it doesn't surprise me at all that he would be just as friendly and cool has his BFF.

xoxo ~j