Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Britney's Got a New Man!

"We're doin' it, ya'll!"

I don't know if I'm still flustered by the photos of Johnny Depp that I just posted, but I read this dude's last name as TRAINWRECK. For reals. Anyway, People Magazine is reporting:

"Confirming Internet rumors, a source tells PEOPLE that Spears, 27, is romantically involved with her agent, Jason Trawick. "They are totally and definitely dating," the source says. "Her dad loves him. He's the best thing that happened to her."

"They're very sweet together," the source says, adding that Spears "always had a crush" on Trawick, who is also one of her brother Bryan's best friends. "He makes Britney really happy, and he's great with the boys."

Good for Britney, I guess. But seriously. Look at Jason's last name real fast. See what I'm talkin' about?


Annette said...

Her hormones must've been playing havoc - how long did she go without sex before finding Mr Trainwreck? Was that journalist bloke the last one? (you're completely right about the name - hihi!)

Annette said...

Oh God - hope she doesn't get pregnant before the end of summer, but i wouldn't put it past her...

Sven-golly said...

Hey that a Sterling silver spittoon for "Our Miss Brit"??? P-too!!! Dang, ya'll!!