Monday, June 29, 2009

Joe Jackson is a Complete Monster

Joe Jackson, hawking his new record label

Okay. It's not just ME on this one. I watched CNN's Don Lemon on the red carpet at the BET Awards last night. There had been rumors of a member of the Jackson Family attending the BET's last night, and I could feel the collective eyeroll when we all saw that it was Father Joe. (Janet showed up as the real surprise at the end of the telecast.)

Ugh. Joe is clearly intent on making a Big Show out of his son's death. I've said before that everyone deals with death and will mourn in their own way; how-bloody-EVER. For the patriarch of the family to go on live TV and start blathering on about his new record label...WHAT?? I suppose we shouldn't be terribly shocked by Joe's demeanor. He's done nothing but use his kids, Michael specifically, as a vehicle for financial gain. I'm just amazed he was so brazen about his plans to make more money off Michael's name by starting some new venture, and speaking publicly about it less than 72 hours after his son's shocking death.

There are tons of stories going around about Michael's death. Autopsy records are being leaked, faked and reported. The LAPD left Michael's rented house in Bel Air carrying bagfuls of drugs. Brian Oxman, who is the Jackson Family's former attorney, is stating that Michael had a real problem with drugs and this is cooberated by spiritualist and friend of Michael's, Deepak Chopra. They both say that Michael was indeed addicted to many prescription drugs.

Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson has retained a temporary guardianship over Michael's three children. No one even knows if Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the two oldest kids, is interested in a relationship with the children or not.

Here's my quick prediction. We'll be talking about Michael's death for many, many months to come. When the shock and pain wears off, we'll be seeing some really ugly behavior from the Jackson family and their hangers-on. Look forward to "exclusive" interviews, tell-all books, lawsuits...this will not end peacefully.


Stuart said...

My girlfriend and I saw that interview with Joe last night as well. I personally thought the interview very creepy. Especally when the publicist and the lawyer butted in on numerous accounts. It felt like he didn't even care. His attitude was so cold to the whole thing. One of the people I follow on Twitter actually posted something that I really believe and is very sad about this whole thing: "I feel like Michael Jackson is a prime example of how bad parenting can ruin a life. And that's the closest I'm going to get to sentimental." I think even more of this will be ripped into as the months go on.

DivaJulia said...

Joe Jackson is going to milk Michael's death as long as he can...He'll probably sell tickets and t-shirts at the funeral.

Stuart said...

Of course. There's money to be had somewhere. Lord knows it's not in the estate. They've got hundreds of millions in debt they have to settle now, along with the kids and everything else. And what seems to be plan 1? Finding a way to turn Neverland into a modern Graceland. This is going to spiral into sickening real quick. Besides, we don't know what the autopsy's gonna say. I think the court of public opinion is going to turn from longing to disgust in a few weeks...