Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keep your money. Here's enough Jon & Kate for a GD LIFETIME.

Can we STOP with all this??

GAAAAHHH! I've freakin' HAD it with these two fame-whores. I simply cannot take it anymore. Jon & Kate (it's a law the we use the ampersand) have hated each other for years, have been living separate lives for months as well as allegedly (pssh) cheating on each other for ages, Jon's hairplugs look like crap and Kate's bellybutton is freakishly too high on her square torso.

Oh, and now it's being reported the 8 kids are complaining about Mommy being "mean", and whining, "where's Daddy?". They won't be happy until their divorce proceedings are scheduled on Judge Judy's court docket.

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Stuart said...

Agreed. The egg timer is striking 15 min any moment now. The only episode of their show I watched was when they took all the kids to Disney World. When it seemed all she did was blame everything on the Cast and the biggest complement she gave went to the strollers, my time was done. Ungrateful bint. Enjoy your crash and burn!

Further proof that if you're a couple, don't get a reality show or you're doomed.