Monday, June 1, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen. A REAL Actor - Johnny Depp


Johnny collage from Vanity Fair Magazine, July '09

You hear me talkin' to ya, Pattinson? (God, he's stupid.) Wow. I'm totally "Twilight"-bashing today, but now's as good a day as any, I think. The sparkly vampire will never, ever come close to The Depp, in terms of, well anything.

So here's our Real Actor, Johnny Depp, in July's Vanity Fair. Oh and here's another VF poll:

"Is Johnny Depp the most handsome man alive?" Vote in’s poll.

You'll find the partial article on the same site--you gotta buy the magazine for the whole thing--which I will do promptly. For now? Just enjoy the photos above. How 'bout that painting Johnny did of Marlon Brando? Is there nothing he can't do?

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Jilly said...

Johnny Depp is the shit. Period.