Saturday, June 6, 2009

David Carradine's Family Wants FBI to Investigate?

An FBI investigation? Really?

A dear friend of mine who comments here on DiC often feels this dead horse of a story has thoroughly been beaten. Okay, it's Annette, and those were my snide remarks--but she's right. So NOW, it's being reported that David Carradine's family has hired money-grubbing attorney Mark Geragos and are trying to get the FBI to investigate the death.

E! Online is reporting:

Carradine's family and friends have vehemently refuted the initial Thai police theory that the actor committed suicide, continuing to believe that foul play may have been involved. Now they have made a formal request for FBI assistance.

"They want an investigation. I would think that the people in Bangkok would want to support an investigation and allow the FBI to go over there and assist in the investigation so we can get the answers to the questions," attorney Mark Geragos, who represents Carradine's brother, Keith Carradine, said on Larry King Live.

According to FBI spokeswoman, Laura Eimiller, the agency only gets involved in death investigations overseas if a crime is suspected. In the case of Carradine, that has yet to be determined.

Geragos added that the family hired forensic pathologist to conduct the followup autopsy, which will seek to determine whether a second party was involved in the death. Thai police claim that surveillance footage showed no one entering Carradine's hotel room prior to his death and he was apparently the only one who used a keycard to access the room.

The lawyer has also expressed outrage over a photo of Carradine's hanging body that was printed in a Thai tabloid. (Nast. I'd sure be checking into what little bitch sold that image. Ugh. I bet it's all over the Internet--I'm not gonna search for it, are YOU?) He has vowed to pursue legal action against any U.S. publication that uses the image.

The 72-year-old's body was found Thursday morning, hanging in the closet of his Bangkok hotel room with ropes around his neck and genitals, police revealed Friday, suggesting that he may have accidentally died while performing autoerotic asphyxiation.

Apparently, we're not finished with the story, yet. Stay tuned for more disgusting details during the next few weeks. You can count on me.

I need to bathe in boiling bleach now.

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Annette said...

If they'd just said "ok he's a bit of a perv and he accidently killed himself" that would've been accepted and end of story. Because the family & manager are denying it more & more evidence of his sexual habits are coming out and making his unfortunate demise into a big old "pervfest".