Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh God. Flashbacks. FLASHBACKS!!


Oh shit, ya'll. Britney's gone and dyed her hair brown again. I'm having flashbacks to January, 2008. Brit was being carted off to the nuthouse on a 51-50 psychiatric hold and I was in San Diego at Casa Palmera, the eating disorder clinic--a nuthouse of another color--oh man. Now I'm gonna re-live being 95 lbs., force-fed, drugged and then monitored in the bathroom...I swear to God. I have nightmares about that...I WASN'T A PUKER!! Just let me pee (or whatever!) in PEACE!! GAAAAHHHH! Thanks a helluva LOT, Britney!

Ohshit ohshit ohshit. This is NOT gonna end well. When Brit's not blonde, Brit ain't happy. SOMEBODY SAVE HER!! Get that bottle of bleach ready!!

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