Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yoda Needs Your Help - NBR

Sweet "Yoda"
Please help this sweet boy

Most of ya'll know, I'm a boxer lover and owner. It's my pleasure to alert my readers when a special baby comes along who really needs some help. I know that in this economy, asking for financial assistance for a dog may seem presumptuous. But these are the littlest victims of bad times...often neglected or just plain abandoned.

This is Yoda's story. My friends at Northeast Boxer Rescue in New England have brought his sad story to my attention, and I'd like to share it with you.

Yoda was picked up by a concerned citizen who spotted him on the side of the road. He was in such poor condition that they brought him directly to an emergency hospital since it was evening and the regular hospitals were closed. Yoda had large patches of fur missing on his body, and large scabby sores on the top of his back. His crusty ears were so badly infected you could not see into his ear canals, and they were swollen and stiff. His eyes and nose were runny and he had an indentation mark around his neck from a tight collar.

Yoda was transferred to the animal control shelter where he was held for the required ten days per State law to see if he would be claimed. No one came forward. One of the vet techs from the emergency hospital contacted us and asked if we could help Yoda since he was in serious need of medical attention, and there was no one else to pay for his treatment. NBR agreed to be responsible for his care.

We learned that animal control recognized Yoda as a dog that was brought to the shelter by a man a week earlier. The man said that this was his father’s dog and that his father had died. He brought Yoda to the Shelter and wanted him euthanized because he didn‘t want to care for the dog. The shelter refused. They speculated that the son “dumped” him on the side of the road to “get rid of him” after leaving the shelter. Animal Control said that “Yoda was one of the nicest dogs that we ever had at the shelter”. We are finding out that this is very true.

Along with his skin and ear issues he has had on-going treatment for an ulcerated cornea. Unfortunately, his topical eye medication is not working and he will need surgery to correct the problem.

Yoda has not received much financial support and we are not sure why. We are hoping to raise some attention and donations in his name to offset the costs. His vet bills to date are $1,280.00 and his eye surgery will add to that figure. We have received a total of $230 in donations for Yoda and we are grateful, however, we are asking for your continued support.

Yoda is definitely a happy guy and is enjoying being spoiled by his new foster mom and dad. We have decided that his middle name is Riley…he finally has the life.

Can you donate to help YODA?

You can send a check directly to: Northeastern Boxer Rescue
P.O. Box 95 Sunderland MA 01375. or use PayPal

makes it easy and secure to send payments online via credit card.

Boxer Rescue Contact Area:

Northeastern Boxer Rescue

Jane Scott -

Pam Fosco -

Every little bit helps. Even $5 or $10 will assist in giving Yoda some badly needed medical care. Thank you so much. xoxo ~j and NBR


Sven-golly said...

The most, I repeat, THE MOST sincere form of unconditional love is that of a dog for his person or people. The news lately has been rife with stories of abandoned dogs, puppy mills, and (worst of all) abusive and neglectful owners. I know times are tight, but dogs are NOT disposable...they are one of the greatest sources of love, companionship and empathy next to your human life-mate. My heart genuinely breaks every time I hear of stories like Yoda's. He just wanted to be a "good boy" and look what's happened. Thank you NBR for taking him in and to all who have helped with donations...Bless you all.

DivaJulia said...

Beautifully said.