Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm so sorry for the lack of blogs today!!

James Beckham NOW, at 1 year old.
James, at 12 weeks, the day
after he came home to us.

Felix, at 11 months!

Felix's first fortune cookie fortune!

The cutest toes in the world.
Here's my deal today. I had a rough night last night--stressiness with two men who are very dear to me (that's all I'm gonna say about that issue) caused me to get a case of sciatica today. It happens every time I get upset, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but since I am a bit more healthy and do yoga, I thought it wouldn't happen again--WRONG.

AnyNUTTY, I helped Dayna get a mental blueprint of how to decorate the house she and Alex are moving into. It's a town over from ours (where they were living), but in all honesty, she doesn't need her mother-in-law all up in her grill--and that would be ME. I think they will have a much more successful family life in this darling house they are in now, in a super-cute neighborhood. You can Google it, if you want: Manette, Washington. They have a waterfront view and it's just perfect. I don't know if lifting a huge TV onto the entertainment center helped the pinched sciatic nerve situation much, though. We did plenty of moving and arranging , but most importantly bonding again. I'm happy about it, and I think Dayna is, too.

I put a call into my yoga instructor to see if I should go to class tonight or not. I know I need to ice the area, but moving around is a good thing, too. If any of you have suggestions, please offer them to me!

So, it's our precious boxer, James's 1st birthday today. And I had some cute pictures I just took of Meatpie, Felix to share--so here ya go.

Please forgive me about the lack of blogs--I have some good ones in the works, I promise!!
xoxo ~j


The Zimmerman Gang said...

I hope you get to feeling better. I love the pics from today! Happy birthday to James! He has gotten big. Four of mine will be 9 yrs old tomorrow. Crazy how the time flies.

Stuart said...

No worries. Just get and feel better!

DivaJulia said...

ZG: NINE years old??? That's fantastic!! Are they all nice and healthy, too??

Stuart: Thanks for the healing thoughts...going to the doctor is probably in order tomorrow. Bleh.

xoxo, ya'll....~j

Annette said...

J.N had sciatica for so long once that he became suicidal. All treatments failed, modern medicine, injections and painkillers including morphine did NOTHING. He was staying with his parents (because he couldn't move or stand) and they took the initiative of calling a local "bonesetter" who also would dowse patients with a pendulum. He came to see J.N., massaged and manipulated his back. J.N. felt no improvement, insulted him, called him a charlatan. THEN fell asleep for the first time in about 10 days and was able to stand up when he awoke hours later. And when his nerve 'slipped out' again weeks later he went back to the bonesetter who fixed it again. 100% true story.

Annette said...

P.S. Glad you and Dayna had a great day (despite your back pain). Love the pics of the two youngest members of the family.