Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lindsay Has Gone Twitter Crazy (along with all the other crazy...)

Lindsay's late night topless Twitter photo.

Oh, Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan is a complete hot mess and Samantha Ronson is egging her on, by breaking up-getting back together-then breaking up with her again. I think Sam can't keep that zipper of hers up where other chicks are concerned. Dys-effing-functional relationship.

Here is a "tweet" from last night from Linds to Sam. I have to admit, I do kinda get a naughty thrill reading these tweets.

sevinnyne6126I can't sleep @samantharonson its your fault!


Annette said...

hihihi! Julia! You're having as much difficulty breaking up with these 2 as they are with each other! Pretty photo of Lindsay though isn't it?

DivaJulia said...

HAHAHAAA! I AM, aren't I?

What a goon.

xoxo j