Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miss Adam (G)Lambert Out in WeHo!!


...and oh, gurrrrrl, is that girl he's with stunning or WHAT?? OhmyLORD, she's purrdy. FIERCE, FIERCE AND FIERCE! Shia LeDorkff WISHES he looked this good. I'm dying...those skinny jeans and snakeskin boots, and just the perfect amount of collarbone exposed. Oh, and his name: DRAKE LaBRY. I'm sure he was born with this fabulous name and his birth certificate actually lights up! LUCKEEEEE.

Watch this fantastic video. I LOVE the way Miss Adam giggles. I want to spend the weekend with him, just parading around, shopping, buying lipgloss (we have plenty of eyeliner) and looking TREMENDOUS entering and exiting the club, ya'll!. (Don't be jel-jel, Patrick! It's not serious; I consider it a fag-hag fling.)

"Guys and Dolls, ya'll", INDEED!

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