Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Proof that Robert Pattinson is an UGMO.

I'm right about this issue.

Check it. Side by side, Robert Pattinson and Jared Leto. This is a great example of just how unattractive that "Twilight" dude Robert Pattinson IS--behold The Leto.

I've hung on to the word "ugmo" since junior high. I think it's fitting and appropriate for the true description of that sickingly pale, squinty goon whom so many females, young and old, are squealing over.

Thank you, Jared Leto for posting this photo on your Myspace, so the world is reminded once again of true beauty.


Annette said...

He has a nice jaw line? I think that's the best thing i can come up with concerning "Spunk Ransom". He chose it, not me.

DivaJulia said...


Annette said...

Yep - he doesn't like "Rpattz" the nickname the fans have for him so during an MTV interview he said he'd prefer something else like "Spunk Ransom". What could a spunk ransom be anyway?

DivaJulia said...

Um...on Sex in the City, Samantha refers to um...well...a male bodily fluid as "spunk", no?

Annette said...

Oh sorry! Yes spunk is another Brit word for sperm! The australians use the word spunky to mean someone with courage - which used to cause us endless hilarity when we'd watch the Australian soaps as teenagers "he's a spunky guy" "show some spunk" "i'm feeling quite spunky" - how we laughed.