Saturday, June 13, 2009

Katie, just come live with me, mmkay?

I'm worried about Katie.
Sad, sad, SAD.

Good Lord. This is the saddest face I've ever seen. This is not the face of a gal just tryna get away from the paps--it's a face of a gal tryna get away from her goddamned LIFE. Oh, sure. She's hanging onto Stinkfoot for dear life, but that's all that's keeping her alive. ScientoloTom is completely sucking dry Katie's will to live.I can totally picture him pacing, while loudly lecturing her, can't you? How LONG are her parents going to put up with this shit? What kind of stranglehold does that nut hold over, well, EVERYONE involved her Katie's life?
I wouldn't trade lives with Katie for anything. Dude, she's not even getting her eyebrows waxed. That's some serious depression.

Here's poor Dead-Eye Katie taking Stinkfoot (how 'bout some sandals, at least??) at the American Girl store yesterday. I think this outing was another cry for help, but I seem to be the only one listening. **KATIE! You know how to contact me! Our guest room is available!**

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Annette said...

She does look miserable. He's NEVER with her is he? It definitely looks like there's something not right in their marriage.