Friday, September 25, 2009

Dipped in Cream Contest! Send me your best Bitchface photo!

Julia Roberts with her Bitchface...

I received a hilarious request from a reader for a contest here on Dipped in Cream. We've done the sans fard photos--now let's see our best BITCHFACE.

Send me your photos. We all know you have 'em. And believe me...this is NOT just for the ladies. I know was too many men who are more than capable at pulling a bitchface.

Bitches, send your photos here:

The Bitchface Winner gets some Dipped in Cream merch!



Annette said...

Just sent you my 2 entries. Come on guys! If i'm brave enough to humiliate myself.....
Julia - post one of your bitchface to encourage everybody.

EverlastGirl said...

I sent in my Bitchface (oh I have plenty of them... this was one of the few that ended up on the camera ) :) We'll see if it makes the cut ;)