Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dipped in Cream's BITCHFACE CONTEST Photos!

Queen Bitchface

Work of Fine Art-Bitchface

 Mr. and Mrs. Bitchface

Angry Baby boy-"bratface"  (awwww)

Gorgeous Snooty European-Bitchface

Fellow (hilarious) blogger (who needs to
quit down-playing her good looks)-Bitchface

Lord, just wait another 10 years, if you
think this is bad-Bratface

Smoking, Pseudo Euro-Trash-Bitchface
Aww HELL NO-Bitchface

 Perfect lighting crew follows her around,
 icy blue eyes-Bitchface

Wow, you guys. These are awesome. Guess what?

You all win!!!

Email me with your address, and I'll let you know personally when your prize is being shipped.

I LOVE my Bitches!!


Annette said...

They are all fantastic! Hahaha! My God i feel so much better knowing i'm not the only hard-nosed bitch out there!

Anonymous said...

could you not choose the one of me with jowls? WHAT will your fans think!
love, the boys......the witty one

Annette said...

After a second look i vote Felix. He looks MEAN! I think everyone should vote.

Anonymous said...

Now I regret not sending you my bitchface photos - which is every photo ever taken of me. CB (Felix wins!)

Anonymous said...

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