Monday, September 21, 2009

Breaking News: Stinkfoot Suri walks; Daddy Tom Cruise's pants are too tight!

Stinkfoot clearly borrowed Dad's
Cherry Chapstick 
Ummmm...gawd, Tom

What the goddamnhell is Tom Cruise wearing? I'd say a padded bra, first of all. Let's discuss the skinny jeans he clearly bought Forever Hoochie 21 in the Petite's Department.  I didn't know that Nike made old-school hightops with lifts, did you?

And it seems Stinkfoot is now able to walk on her own...and she's running for it. 



jeanbean said...

Hello... clearly stinkfoot is running away from her gender confused father. He thought Katie's jeans would show off a package but forgot that her sweater would also show his "man boobs" Poor Tom, be gentle!

Annette said...

"padded bra" hahahahaha!! My husband has a very attractive pair of moobs too. Even with a wonderbra my cleavage is less impressive.

DivaJulia said...

JB: I think he snatched a pair of Hayde Panattiere's jeans (short and squat), not Katie's.

And I will NEVER be kind to Tommy Girl.

xoxo j