Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it just ME, or have Brad and Angelina let themselves go?

The good ol' days...

Sigh. Seriously. Is it just me or WHAT the goddamnhell has happened to the Golden Couple? Remember the heat between these two? Now it's Mr. and Mrs. Scruff 'n Bones. Not quite as sexy, is it?

Take a look, y'all:

Come on, Crabby Old Dude. What's really in the Sprite can?

Angelina helping the refugees in Kenya.

Yeah. This one writes itself really, doesn't it? Can't you just hear the refugees talkin' smack about Angie? 

"Girl, someone needs to feed her...". 

I'll stop before I get in trouble with the UNICEF folks; you get the idea.



Annette said...

The kids are little vampires, sucking away their life force and draining them of their beauty. Aghhhhhhh!

DivaJulia said...


Mel and Zulu said...

Brad seriously needs to get with the programme, hes gone well down hill since he hooked up with Ang!!!

Come back Jen. . .all is forgiven!. . maybe?!?