Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"GLEE" picked up for another season! Now is the time I make fun of my poor husband...

The AMAZING "Rehab" production number on GLEE!

I admit it, I love the new FOX show, GLEE, but not nearly as much as my husband, Stephen. When he hears the news that his favorite show has been renewed for another season he'll break out into song, I assure you.

My gorgeous husband, Stephen.
He really puts up with a LOT from me.
Read on...

Here's a story for you. I tend to tease my poor husband mercilessly about certain things--like his man-crush on Tom Ford (who can blame him?) and the fact that he could easily swap places with Tim Gunn. I've even told him he should be Tim for Halloween--but he says, "But TIM doesn't have a GOATEE!"; clearly he'd do it otherwise. (All together now, "DESIIIIIGNERRRSSSS. We need to have a CAUCUS!") 

My FAVORITE movie when I was

ANYgay. I was watching the Holy Grail of Queer Cinema (one of them anyway), Hello Dolly, recently. (Which, by the way, Stephen's uncle was the SET DESIIIIIGNERRRR for!!) Stephen stopped dead in the doorway and announced: "I just LOVE a production number!!"  Oh. My. God. My chin was bloody from biting my tongue so that I wouldn't laugh and call him a Big Ol' Girl to his face....which I've done, um...too many times for his liking. 

My Best Gay, Patrick and I have many an inside joke at poor Stephen's expense, but he's has 'em comin', as you can see. 

 "Stephen, my little Love..." as Auntie Mame would say, but to her nephew, Patrick. Auntie Mame is another (Gay-tastic) film that I adore.

I get a lot of (very guilty) pleasure out of teasing Stephen about being able to make "the perfect martini" during his parents' fabulous cocktail parties, just like Mame's nephew Patrick Dennis was able to do for her parties. I love to think of him in "short pants and knee socks" while performing this entertaining feat as a young boy. Naturally, I mention this at least three times a week. "Were you wearing your short pants, Sugar?" It never gets old. To me.


And because I'm every bit as queer for Auntie Mame, I'd love for you to read a few of my favorite quotes:

After telling Patrick to write down the words he doesn't know the definition of during a cocktail party:

Mame Dennis: Well, now, uh, read me all the words you don`t understand. 

Patrick Dennis: Libido, inferiority complex, stinko, blotto, free love, bathtub gin, monkey glands, Karl Marx... is he one of the Marx Brothers? Neurotic, heterosexual... 

Mame Dennis: Oh, my my my my, what an eager little mind. [takes the list] Mame Dennis: You won`t need some of these words for months and months.

I'm so glad I married someone who loves these Gay-tastic films as much as I do...oh, yeah. And don't forget to watch GLEE on FOX!!

Uhh...this is all just between you and me, right? 


busybee said...

I love how you have a post that is gay-tastic and your husband's in it :-)

Anonymous said...

Jules, this is my favorite post so far. Stephen is a jewel, as are you - I'm glad you two found each other. CB